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As long as I can remember, I've had a severe case of game system envy. It started when I was a kid and my friend had a good old NES and I didn't. I wanted to have one SO badly -- I went over to her house at even opportunity. I tried to talk my dad in to getting me one by telling him all about Duck Hunt and saying I wanted to play it with him. Yeah, it didn't work. But I did get one eventually, after working at my grandma's daycare for a summer and buying it myself. I still have it, too.

Not that I ever play it. Now I've moved on to wanting a Playstation Move! I've never been interested in Playstation before -- mostly because a lot of the games seemed like shooters, which I've never been too fond of. But the Move sounds awesome. And possibly the best part is that the Move bundle package is only $99 to add to your PS3! I would have thought it would be twice as much! I'd love to be able to have my cousins over for the evening and play something like Sorcery or DanceDance Revolution. Or bowling! I suck at bowling, but my cousins are good at it; they get a kick out of my suckitude.

Or if I was alone--which is often, since I live by myself and my cousins are two hours away--there's "Get Fit With Mel B" if I were feeling energetic!

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Normally I love the show "Bones". It took me a long time to get in to it, because I was so used to seeing David Boreanaz as Angel! Every time he'd step out into the sunlight I'd have a moment of "AAAAHHHHHH oh wait he's not a vampire in this one." Then it took me a while to get over the gross dead bodies. And then I was so annoyed at how Brennan talks and acts that I almost stopped watching -- because really, who could possibly be that socially clueless?

Anyway, I grew to love it. But there's an episode called "The Foot In The Foreclosure" that I just watched that pissed me right off. They're investigating a case of two burned bodies, and it turns out that one was a formerly fat chick who was in an eater/feeder relationship with a fat man. Most of it was handled just fine -- Brennan made a completely non-judgmental statement about fetishes, Booth was uncomfortable as always around sex, and if they'd left it there it wouldn't been great.

What pissed me off was when they went to a fetish club to talk to someone and Brennan made a comment after seeing the fat women dancing. "They seem quite happy," she says, and at first I thought she was going to say something wise about self-acceptance or something. But then she followed up with, "Obviously they haven't seen their blood sugar levels!"

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There was a time, what seems like many moons ago, that I had disposable income. I was working a silly number of hours, but in the time I had off, I could go shopping! And go shopping I did! Mostly at the store I worked at, because of my employee discount, but also at other stores in the outlet mall I worked at. Man, did I spend a lot of money! In one year I spent $3000 on clothes! Alas, I have no money to spend on clothes now ... because I'm spending it all on a trip to London! .... but if I did I would go to Liz Claiborne New York Outlets. Because they are having a huge sale! 50-80% off, and even the new fall inventory is 50% off! Fifty percent! Man, think of all the cute boots I could get .... or purses .... or spiffy jackets .... of course, I would have nowhere to wear them, as I pretty much go to work and come home, but still! And they have jewelry, and I am an absolute jewelry addict (I have 74 necklaces). Not that I need more sparklies, but there's a crystal flower bracelet on their website that I would totally rock.

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In one of the more random turns of events in my life, I'm working in a haunted house this month. It's something I never in a bajillion years would've thought I'd be doing -- I don't even LIKE haunted houses or being scared. And this one is fucking gruesome. But, here I am, being a zombie most nights.

One of the owners called me up a couple of weeks before we started, and said he didn't have a costume for me. He asked if I had anything that might work; but I quit holding on to nasty ratty clothes a long time ago, and I'm sure as hell not sacrificing any of my expensive Lane Bryant clothes to be shredded and stained! So I said no. He then hesitated and said, "Sweetheart, I don't want you to be offended, but I was thinking maybe some of my old clothes might fit you."

I was totally baffled. "Why would I be offended?"

"Well, I used to weight about 400 pounds," he said, still sounding very cautious.

I laughed and told him "I'm not offended, I'm a fatass, that's who and how I am, it doesn't bother me."

I guess it's nice that he was worried about my feelings, but I do get tired of people tip-toeing around the fact that I weigh 260 pounds. It's not like I can hide it; and they ought to know by now it doesn't bother me!

I guess my title isn't really accurate though; it did take me a long time to get to this point. It just still surprises me sometimes when I realize how little I care!

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I'll be honest; I don't think I've ever worn clothing made of wool. Oh, at some point somebody probably gave me a wool sweater or something, but I don't remember it. Maybe it's because the plains of Colorado don't really get all that cold, but I don't remember ever having any heavy-duty thick winter clothing, which is what wool makes me think of. I do remember some rabbit fur gloves that made my throat swell shut, but that's an entirely different story.

Anyway, we had a couple of sheep when I was growing up, and their wool always felt like a brillo pad! So I've always associated wool with itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable stuff that makes me sneeze, but apparently it can be used to make .... underpants? What?

I never knew anything but big bulky sweaters and mittens could be made of wool, but Rambler's Way has layering pieces made of it! I'd love to try it .... if I had $200 to spend, I'd totally get some long janes and a henley to keep me toasty warm this winter.

Even better, Rambler's Way is an eco-friendly company committed to sustainability. Having grown up in the People's Republic of Boulder, that's the kind of thing that would make me want to buy wool underpants.

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But only to wear a certain adorable cleavage-showing shirt for the concerts I'm going to! I can't afford new clothes -- all my money is going to be utterly used up by the trip itself. But I don't want to look slumpy, and all my clothes that fit are kind of blah.

And I could do it; it's only five pounds or so. The problem is that foods that are good for me .... well, they're expensive. Bread and peanut butter is 1/100 of the price of chicken breast and broccoli, for instance. A bag of white rice I can cook up and pour soy sauce over is much more cost-effective than steak.

I wish I liked eggs -- if I could tolerate eggs constantly, I could eat soooo cheaply and without sucking down a bunch of carbs. Unfortunately, eggs make me gag. What to do, what to do .... well, I guess I'm going to the concerts looking boring, since I can't afford a new boob-flashing shirt!
The more I watch other women going through this diet crap, the more glad I am that I don't bother with it anymore. A friend of mine lost a bunch of weight and was all happy with herself, but then as soon as she quit exercising like a fiend and started drinking beer again, she returned to her former size--which was maybe a 10, and yet she's all freaking upset about it.

Another friend of mine is convinced she's fat, and constantly starving herself and complaining about her stomach. Well, the thing she doesn't like about her stomach is the loose skin around her bellybutton from having two kids. Losing weight will only make that looser, but she doesn't want to hear it. She thinks if she jogs enough, it'll go away.

Until I know if I'll be going to school again. It's really a pain in the ass waiting to find out. Of course, it's my own freaking fault for procrastinating, but it's no fun blaming myself. I'd rather be irritated at the school for their part in it.

I'm kind of excited for my classes, but also facing the usual dread about the seating arrangements. A lot of the classrooms have the desks that stretch the length of the room with swively chairs bolted on; those aren't comfortable, but they're better than the individual desks where the top folds down. I don't even fit in to the space provided for those.
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Lately I've been having the uncomfortable feeling of giving a damn about my weight. I don't know why I get these random bouts of dissatisfaction. Yeah, I'm fat. I'm a wide load. Most of the time I don't care. So why today do I feel completely despondent about my flubber
I can't even go in to the student center between classes, because I smell orange chicken and it's like goddamn crack to me. And I can't be spending money on orange-glazed crack right now. Of course, I mention this to a girl at work, and her response is, "Oh I KNOW! It's got so many CALORIES!"